Best Good Night Quotes

Sending Good Night Quotes to your beloved ones is the most romantic thing to do before you go to sleep.

The time of day for you to relax is here. Put on your pyjamas and tuck yourself in the warm comfort of your blanket. You have done enough for today, my friend. With that, you deserve a soothing break. Good night and sleep tight.

You have left a lot of mesmerizing and astounding foot prints in today’s history. Tomorrow, prepare yourself to leave more! Never get tired of inspiring people with your kindness, some of them have made it through the day because of you! Lovely night!

Calm your troubles. Drop your worries behind. Let peace was over the strife inside your heart. Trust the night to offer you comfort and healing. Tomorrow, you will wake up stronger and braver than you have ever been.

Sleep is not an escape. Rather, it is a chance for you to pick your strength back up to fight for another day. Good night.

Do you know why nights are beautiful? It is because only in the darkness that we find the brightest of light within us. Sweet dreams.

As you lay your beautiful head down your pillow, my darling, remember that you are in my prayers every night. As the gentle night breeze sweeps through your window, think of it as my quiet whispers of love for you. Tonight, may you sleep softly with the happiest and warmest thoughts of love. Good night.

Hope, love and faith – these are the three treasures that I want you to carry as you journey into a sweet sleep. Good night.

I hope you sleep with a smile on your face and wake up with an even brighter one! Sweet dreams.

Keep the memories of the day. Tuck them safely inside the pages of your history. Every colour, every pain, every laughter are made to colour the book of your life. Let the stars guide you towards the reality of making your dreams come true. Lovely night, sleep tight.

God gave us the night so that we can find rest in the beautiful moonlight and its sea of twinkling stars. May the soft breeze of night-time heal your wounds from today’s battles. Good night.

My heart whispers your name before I go to sleep. My mind goes haywire without you here by my side. My soul resonates with the thought of your every night. Sweet dreams, my love.

The promise of tomorrow only grows brighter with you in my every waking moment. The comfort of the night only grows gentler with you in my every dream. The end of today’s chapter only grows more beautiful with you written in every sentence. Sweet dreams, my love.

The greatest joys in life are having a crazy and awesome friend like you to spend amazing days with, to chat the night away with and to bid a good night every night with! Sweet dreams!

What a journey we had today! I wish to do crazy and fun things with you every day! Tonight, let us lay down to sleep. Tomorrow will be a brand new day for us to seize!

You are the reason why I manage to get through each and every day. You are warm blanket that tucks me to safety and the marshmallow pillow that chases the blues away. Your kisses send me gently to sleep and hold the promise of a better tomorrow.

The biggest blessing in my life is going home to your warm embrace each night. Your patience and trust in me that gives me vigour unlike any another and I find overwhelming comfort in the warm meals and your tireless ability to listen to me about my day’s unfolding. Thank you, my love. Good night and sweet dreams.

Before you head to sleep, whisper a quiet prayer of gratitude to those who have helped you today and for all the blessings that rolled your way. Have a good night!

You have studied and worked hard enough for today. Pat your back for a job well done. It is time for you to replenish your strength for a bright new day tomorrow. Tonight, brush off all the stress away and drift softly into a cosy dream. Good night.

Each night, I wish for the fairies to dust pixie magic into dreams. Each night, I ask the stars to listen closely to you wishes and to shine your path with radiance towards them. Each night, I whisper a prayer to God to protect and keep you safe day and night. Sweet dreams.

It is only through a good night sleep that you will see the beautiful hello of tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

Forgive yourself today’s failures. You have another chance called tomorrow to try again and succeed! Replenish that courage and strength under the sweet smile of the moonlight and twinkling stars. Go to sleep and wake up with a stronger heart. Good night.

Forget the pains of today. Carry with you only the beautiful lessons learned. Tomorrow is another chance to set things right. But for now, let your soul rest with your sweetest dreams. Good night.

Best Good Night Quotes

When you bid the day goodbye with beautiful and bright thoughts, it will welcome you with a warm and inspiring embrace. Lovely night.

You are my home and my sweet refuge. Even though the day has been too trying, I have you to rest my troubles with. I have your warm kisses to lift me up and give strength to fight another day. Good night and the sweetest dreams, my love.

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than your face by the moonlight and your sweet kisses each and every night. Sweet dreams, my wife.

No matter the distance between us, it won’t stop my love from travelling a thousand miles just to bid you a good night laced with the sweetest dreams.

The act of true love is letting your special someone sleep with a contented and happy heart, no doubts or questions haunting the mind, just the assurance that no matter in the morning or night, you will always be there.

Let the light of the stars guide you towards your dreamland. Tuck along a fluffy pillow made of clouds and a soft blanket to keep you warm. Sweet dreams.

The tranquil stillness of the night is the remedy for my tired body and soul, just like how our friendship heals the weariness of my day. Sleep tight.

My life has become more blissful and serene ever since I met you such a wonderful friend like you. Good night.

The reality of waking up and sleeping next to you is more beautiful than any dream come true. Best night to you, love.

The night has come to sweep your troubles away, its soft breeze healing the wounds from today’s battle. Surrender the heaviness in your heart and let the sunrise illuminate your way. Sweet dreams.

You don’t have to solve everything today, you don’t have to figure everything out. That is why there is a tomorrow for you to find what the answer is all about. For now, rest your worries and sleep tight. May your guardian angel stand guard over you throughout the night.

We have conquered another day, my friend, but tonight; let’s replenish our energies to triumph over a brand new day tomorrow.

Good night to you, my friend. You did your best today and so, you deserve a lot of rest. Send your prayers through your angels and trust that God will answer in His Perfect Time.

You are the firsts on my prayers and the last I see before I head to sleep. You have been with me through my nightmares and my most beautiful dreams. You are my love, my best friend and the only one I’d like to wake up with each and every morning. Lovely night, honey.

May the angels kiss your worries goodbye, and sing songs of your dreams; may the stars shine brightly enough to lead you whenever darkness falls, and may the moon guide you back home whenever you are lost. Good night.

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